Sep 22, 2014
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this crushed skittle is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen.

this crushed skittle is one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen.

Aug 29, 2014
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driving across the great salt lake
through morning haze
it strikes you that nobody is special
& how liberating that is

the mounds of salt
cocaine-white & piled high
as an apartment building
remnants of an ancient ocean
expertly tucked into single-serve packets
of plastic silverware
hidden in soft drinks
& ingested with french fries
so innocuously

a cop by the side of the road
just standing
never seen the clouds so low
or the desert so green
& this is nothing special either

aug 2014

Jun 27, 2014
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“he took his sister from his head and then painted her on the sheets
then rolled her up in grass and trees and they kissed ‘til they were dead”

                    -Pixies, “The Holiday Song”

Apr 3, 2014
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the shape of
a cat dying
in the gutter
its eyes huge
& i was glad
it wasn’t snowing

april 2014

Feb 12, 2014
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days dark
as february
[they open & shut so


exacting fortitude
& molten dawns
as capillaries swell & fade

& swell & fade
as tides [& dawn
& menses
just remain


feb 2014

Jan 2, 2014
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jan  2 2014

jan  2 2014

Dec 5, 2013
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bowls of soup & suicide pacts

Nov 10, 2013
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the angle at which certain turns of phrase
hit his eardrums
and ignite his lovely mind.

i am not comforted by forgetting
or by beginning

feb 2012

Nov 2, 2013
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california poppies

remember those times
before the dark
& after it
when we were old
(& how
the orange blooms
would snap shut
as the sun went

how nice it was
how black & white
to be a collection
of synapses
upon a dirty

nov 2013

Oct 25, 2013
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no one ever told you
your old best friend
was schizophrenic
as they watched
each other play
video games
to the sound of
ancient electronic
egyptian music
or some approximation
of it

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